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Because you would rather walk away

So its only been two weeks since I've been on here but I feel like SO much has happened.

I went to the screening of "Every Little Step" in LA and it was SO much fun. Sarah and I went to LA and the theatre that the screening was at was on Sunset Blvd and we actually shared an elevator with Jesse Eisenberg from Adventureland. So that was pretty cool.

I saw "Angels in America", well at least the first three hours of AIA. The next three hours will be presented in November of this year. So long to wait. Seriously AIA is one of the most profound pieces of theatre I have ever seen. The politics and ideas of the show are really interesting and debatable. I went to the show thinking it was going to be the longest three hours of my life but was seriously so sad when it was over and it was time to walk out of theatre. I mean literally profound. Tony Kushner is a genius. No lies.

My 22nd birthday is in 5 days! And I get to go to Disneyland! Yay!

So much more has happened but its late and I'm tired and have to work tomorrow...

Oh Hairspray is coming this weekend, I think I'm going to try and go to Saturday's performance!


hey there, I'm Brittany. I am a part time nanny and full time student. I am a writer. I write about whatever is going on in my life, whether that be good stuff or bad, family, friends, movies, weekends, work...whatever. It happens to me or around me it's here.

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